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A film composed by Ennio Morricone - 018eng
NA6813 Il mercenario / The Mercenary
Chronology No.
The music page in the site
Chinese IMDB
Il mercenario / The Mercenary
Il mercenario / The Mercenary
It is shown that the film was composed by Ennio Morricone and Bruno Nicolai (00:01:26)
001-Basic info (IMDB)

Director: Sergio Corbucci
Writers: Giorgio Arlorio (story), Adriano Bolzoni, 4 more credits
Stars: Franco Nero, Jack Palance, Tony Musante | See full cast

Cast (in credits order)

Franco Nero ...
Sergei Kowalski, the Polish
Jack Palance Jack Palance ...
Ricciolo ('Curly')
Tony Musante Tony Musante ...
Paco Roman
Giovanna Ralli Giovanna Ralli ...
Eduardo Fajardo Eduardo Fajardo ...
Alfonso García
Lorenzo Robledo Lorenzo Robledo ...
álvaro de Luna álvaro de Luna ...
Raf Baldassarre Raf Baldassarre ...
Vicente Roca Vicente Roca ...
Elias Garcia
José Canalejas José Canalejas ...
Franco Ressel Franco Ressel ...
Guillermo Méndez Guillermo Méndez ...
Enrique Navarro Enrique Navarro
Simón Arriaga Simón Arriaga ...
Ugo Adinolfi Ugo Adinolfi

See full cast

Produced by
Produzioni Europee Associati (PEA), Produzioni Associate Delphos, Profilms 21 See more
Sound Mix: Mono
Color: Color (Technicolor)
Aspect Ratio: 2.35 : 1
Genres: Comedy | Western

Country: Italy | Spain
Language: Italian
Release Date: 29 August 1968 (Italy)

Filming Locations: Madrid, Spain
Music by Ennio Morricone and Bruno Nicolai
Also Known As (AKA)
Il mercenario Italy (original title)
A Professional Gun (undefined) / Europe (English title) / UK
Ammattitappaja Finland
Die gefürchteten Zwei West Germany
Die zwei Gefürchteten West Germany
El Mercenario France
Mercenario - Der Gefürchtete West Germany
O epanastatis tou Mexikou Greece (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title)
O misthoforos Greece (reissue title)
O skliros, to moutro kai o zorikos Greece (reissue title)
Profesyonel silah Turkey (Turkish title)
Revenge of a Gunfighter USA (informal alternative title)
Salario para matar Spain
The Mercenary USA (imdb display title)
While a Mexican revolutionary lies low as a U.S. rodeo clown, the cynical Polish mercenary who tutored the idealistic peasant tells how he and a dedicated female radical fought for the soul of the guerrilla general Paco, as Mexicans threw off repressive government and all-powerful landowners in the 1910s. Tracked by the vengeful Curly, Paco liberates villages, but is tempted by social banditry's treasures, which Kowalski revels in. (IMDB)

User Reviews One of Corbucci's better westerns. The story concerns a bandit (Musante) who wants the legitimacy of being a "revolutionary", but needs the help of a hardened professional (Nero) to do it. Palance gives the movie some of its best moments as a gay gunslinger ( a rival mercenary) out to revenge himself on Musante for humiliating him. Not much plot, but Corbucci's fluid direction keeps it from growing stale and the god performances from the stars make it worth watching. Also look for fun, cynical dialogue and story elements from genre expert Vincenzoni. Contains the dark undertones present in other Corbucci (and Leone) westerns, but not to as great an extent as his masterpiece, "The Great Silence". (IMDB)

Paco Roman (Musante), a Mexican peasant, rebels against his rich boss and humiliates him. He is later captured, but saved from a certain death by his friends. Meanwhile, Sergei Kowalski (Nero), a Polish mercenary, arrives in Mexico and makes a deal with two Garcia brothers to take their silver safely across the border. Curly (Palance) sees the three men talking and tracks down the brothers to find out what they hired Kowalski for, after which Curly kills the two.

When Kowalski arrives at a mine to meet one of the Garcia brothers, he finds the man along with many others dead and meets Paco and his revolutionaries instead. Soon after, Colonel Alfonso Garcia's (Eduardo Fajardo) Mexican army troops attack. Kowalski agrees to help Paco fight them, but only for money as he is a professional soldier. With the help of Kowalski and his machine gun, the revolutionaries defeat the army. Kowalski then leaves the group, but gets ambushed by Curly. Soon Paco's group arrives and kills Curly's men. Although Curly swears to revenge, they let him go after stripping him of his clothes. Paco then hires Kowalski to teach him how to lead a revolution.

The revolutionaries travel from town to town robbing money, guns and horses from the army. They also release a prisoner named Columba (Ralli) and she joins the group. After Paco stays in one town to protect the people despite Kowalski telling him that they can not match the army sent to capture them, Kowalski leaves the group again. Paco and his men later admit their defeat and go after Kowalski. Kowalski's price has doubled now, but the two make another deal. After the revolutionaries take over a town by defeating a whole regiment, Paco takes Kowalski as prisoner for being too greedy, confiscates all the money he has paid him and marries Columba. When General Garcia's army, along with Curly, attack them, Paco realizes he can not manage the situation on his own and decides to set Kowalski free, but ends up locked up himself while Kowalski escapes. Columba frees Paco and the two also manage to escape before Curly finds them.

After six months, Kowalski attends a circus performance and notices that Paco managed to get away after all, as he is one of the clowns. After the performance is over, Curly enters the arena and his men capture Paco. Kowalski then shoots Curly's men and gives him and Paco both a rifle and a bullet, so that the two can have a fair duel. After Paco kills Curly, Kowalski takes him as a prisoner and heads to the headquarters of the 51st Regiment to collect the reward offered for his head. Columba sees this, manages to get before them to the headquarters and then pretends that she wants to betray Paco by telling where the two are.

When the army troops find the pair, Kowalski also finds himself arrested as there is now even a bigger reward for his head. The two are then sentenced to death by firing squad. However, Columba now executes her plan and with the help of two machine guns, Paco, Kowalski and Columba manage to escape. Kowalski suggests Paco that they team up to make a lot of money, but Paco claims that his dream is in Mexico referring to the revolution. The two part ways, and we see Garcia and four soldiers about to ambush Paco. Kowalski cuts them all down with his rifle from a nearby hillside, and then yells to Paco to "keep dreaming, but with your eyes open." (Wiki)

During the Mexican revolution mine owner Colonel Alfonso Garcia (Eduardo Fajardo) hires Sergei Kowalski (Franco Nero) a Polish mercenary to protect seven tonnes of silver being transported to the US. Kowalski arrives only to discover the repressed peasant workers, led by Paco Roman (Tony Musante), have taken control of the mine by force. Always eager to make good his losses Kowalski persuades Roman, now in a tight spot with Garcia's army bearing down on him, to hire his services. A sadistic homosexual mercenary called Curly (Jack Palance), wanting the silver himself tries to ambush Kowalski, but Roman thwarts his plans and Curly's men are killed. Kowalski renews his partnership with Roman and after liberating a town the bandits are joined by Columba (Giovanna Ralli) an idealist who's farther was hung for being a revolutionary. With the promise of making Roman as famous as Pancho Villa and all the gang rich in exchange for a hefty daily fee plus expenses, under Kowalski's guidance Roman earns the reputation of a great revolutionary liberator. Garcia's army still desperate to capture the bandits are joined by Curly in their search. Kowalski's financial demands for guidance increase but Roman now married to Columbia sees the true importance of the revolution to the Mexican people. Realising his responsibility for his fellow countrymen Roman reneges on the deal and takes all Kowalski's money for the great cause. The bandits keep Kowalski tied up as a prisoner, but in a devastating attack by Garcia's army he escapes. Kowalski tracks Roman to a rodeo where he is in hiding working as a clown, Curly also trails him there and the scene is set for the final showdown. --The Halitosis Kid 11:08, 27 May 2007 (CEST) (spaghetti-western
002-The Stills
003-About Director Sergio Corbucci
瑟吉欧·科布奇 Sergio Corbucci


Sergio Corbucci ( December 6, 1927 - December 1, 1990) was an Italian movie director. Most of his films are very violent, yet intelligent action movies. He is best known for his spaghetti westerns. Many of these action movies contain social criticism of left-wing political background. Corbucci actually was a communist. The art-direction in his movies is mostly surrealistic and apocalyptic, another trademark is his sense for black humour.

He is the older brother of Bruno Corbucci. Corbucci started his career by directing mostly low-budget sword and sandal movies. His first commercial success was with the cult spaghetti western Django, starring Franco Nero, the leading man in many of his movies. After Django, Corbucci made many other spaghetti westerns, which made him the most successful Italian western director after Sergio Leone and one of Italy's most productive directors. His most famous of these pictures was The Great Silence, a dark and gruesome western starring a mute action hero and a psychopathic bad guy. The film was banned in some countries for its excessive display of violence. In the 1970s and 1980s Corbucci mostly directed comedies, often starring Adriano Celentano. His movies were rarely taken seriously by contemporary critics and he was considered an exploitation director, but Corbucci has managed to attain a cult reputation. (here)



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004-The main actors Franco Nero
弗朗克 尼禄 / Franco Nero
弗朗克 尼禄
弗朗克 尼禄
弗朗克 尼禄
弗朗克 尼禄 / Franco Nero
Franco Nero (born Francesco Sparanero, 23 November 1941) is an Italian movie director, movie, television, stage, and voice actor who is known for his roles in Django, Die Hard 2, Letters to Juliet, Camelot, Keoma, The Mercenary, and Cars 2.

Nero was born on 23 November 1941 in San Prospero, Parma, Emilia-Romagna, Italy.[1] He studied at Piccolo Teatro di Milano. Nero has been married to Vanessa Redgrave since 2005. Nero has a son, Carlo Gabriel Nero, by Redgrave. (WIKI)

Blue-eyed well-built Italian actor Franco Nero, once was a painting photographer, when he was discovered as an actor by director John Huston. Grew up in provincial northern Italian town in the family of a strict police sergeant, Nero got on the scene at six years old. Studied economics and trade in Milan University and, during that time, he was appearing in popular Italian photo-novels. This gave him a chance to gain a little role in Carlo Lizzani's La Celestina P... R... (1965). Year later, the handsome face of Nero was noticed by John Huston who chose him for the role of "Abel" in The Bible: In the Beginning... (1966) (aka La Bibbia). But success came after he got the role of the lonely gunfighter, dragging a coffin in one of the best spaghetti-westerns; Sergio Corbucci's Django (1966). Nero then filmed a few other westerns of that style as Ferdinando Baldi's Texas, addio (1966) and Lucio Fulci's Le colt cantarono la morte e fu... tempo di massacro (1966) and furthered his career by filming in all genres of the cinema and TV. During filming of Joshua Logan's _Camelot (1967), he met actress Vanessa Redgrave, who become his long-time partner. Played with Catherine Deneuve in Luis Bu?uel's Tristana (1970) and with Sergey Bondarchuk in the war drama Bitka na Neretvi (1969). Later, director Bondarchuk cast Nero for the role of famous American reporter "John Reed" in two-part "Krasnye kolokola II" (1982). In the late 60s and during the 70s, Nero played many different roles, but most of them connected with political and criminal genre, criticized Italian justice system. In the early 80s, Nero was chosen for the role of the white ninja, "Cole", in Enter the Ninja (1981) and in 1990 as terrorist "Gen. Esperanza", opposite Bruce Willis in Renny Harlin's Die Hard 2 (1990). Being a personage from more than 25 different nationalities; from Russian to American, from Egyptian to Israeli, with 150 roles. He worked with the top European directors from Carlo Lizzani, Damiano Damiani, Luigi Zampa, Luis Bu?uel, Elio Petri, Mihalis Kakogiannis, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Claude Chabrol, 'Vatroslav Mimica', Marco Bellocchio, etc. At the beginning of the 80s, he also began producing, writing and directing. Between films, he participates in various theatrical events. Apart from his cinematographic work, Nero also works for charitable organizations.(IMDB
Bamba Vivace (Titoli de Testa)
Il Mercenario (Sueno Mejicano)
Fiesta (Mariachis)
Il Mercenario (Ripresa)
Canto A Mia Tierra
Il Mercenario
Il Mercenario (Sueno Mejicano)
Fiesta (Valzer)
Notte di Nozze
Il Mercenario (Ripresa Terza)
Il Mercenario (Suspense)
Il Mercenario (L'arena)
006-Play in online full movie " Il mercenario” (Potato site)
(01:41:45 CN and EN subtitle Potato site Download is possible 209.19M F4V format)
If you need that the film file is Provided by us, please contact to us by email
February 2, 2015
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