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The latest info of Iranian friend Amin

Editor's Note: Amin is a young "old" friend,Nine years past since he came to our website in 2007(see here his personal page in 2007) He has changed a lot, he graduated from college and grew up as an engineer and run in many countries. But has not changed is his hobbies (music, painting....),and nostalgia for our website. Recently, I received a few emails from him, now publish here to share with you.

Amin' emails


Dear HAN,

Thanks for your emails. Sorry I reply late; I was in Mumbai, India, for a conference. I made it to be a philosopher! I was a computer engineering student the time we had the first touch. Then I attended a master's degree in philosophy of science, in Tehran. Now, I am applying to some schools in the US and Canada.

I had/have passionate attachment to music, especially to music of Morricone! You made me feel good with his works. Then so many thanks!

In the meantime, you can see my new art works (a painting, a wallpaper of printed photos, playing Setar! - Iranian instrument, and my playing of piano)!

Best wishes,


Because I have some problems for his eamil, he send a new email on Jan.15,2016 after my asking
Thanks, HAN, for good impressions!

The music that I play in the video is an Iranian melody by Ardavan Kamkar, which has been mainly written for Santour (an Iranian instrument). I made my own transcription of it on piano. Its name is Darya, which means Sea!

Another photo shows me while I am playing Setar. I am just an amateur! Use this link for more info:

One of my hobbies is making old-fashioned-looking photos! I print photos then color them by coffee. Sometimes I even burn them! (I attach another work, which is a piece of poem in Persian + a photo of mine!) The photos you see are pictures of Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Scriabin and others. I am a fan of them, but as I said I do this for fun.

Tell me please what you are doing which is of your interest. Send your emails to:

With all the best, yours,



The following are the video, photos sent by Amin. You can understand some status of Iran's youth from one side.
The Iranian melody "Darya / Sea" composed by Ardavan Kamkar and played by Amin (Potato site 2'48")
More personal web pages of Amin in 2007 >>>>>>
Wish Amin to ride the wind and waves, sailing far away!
January 20, 2016
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