Master-4-054 How to make mobile web site - a simple and practical method

Is it hard to make a mobile site? Do not! Here I will tell you a very simple good way.
Overview: In recent years, the mobile phone's memory and network speed has caught up with even more than the PC, making a mobile web sites no longer requires complex and unfamiliar WAP languages. On the basis of the traditional website (HTTP language), just add a self-adaptive function with window, all the problems are solved. For a practical personal web site,you can completely abandon many of the esoteric procedures similar to jQuery, PhoneGap, and Div, CSS, Frames, templates, forms....Only using layout in tables, to create an excellent mobile site. Dreamwerver CS6 has provided us with a very simple program!
1. Basic conditions:
1-1 You have produced a traditional website (for PC), know how to use Dreamweaver software (any edition) . And the Dreamweaver CS6 software has been installed on your computer
1-2 You have a space and a domain name of your own (Or your old web site's space)
1-3 You have a mobile phone that you can access to check the effects of production at any time
2. Now, let's get started! First open CS6, File -->Create a New Fluid Grid Layout -->Select the default "HTML5" in the document type (Lower right corner) -->Create (This is the most critical step)
3. A new window will be appeared asking you to save a file named Untitle-1.css, please save it in a new folder for your mobile site, for example, the folder's name is 001-mobile (It can be a separate folder, can also be placed in the inside of your old website folder
4. A page of fluid grid layout begins to appear, the pink upright bar is representative of this mode, it will not appear in the browser, so do not ignore it. The top of green bar and text is just a tip, it is not necessary for us, so need to delete it
5. In the top of the CS6 click "modify" -> page properties, the following window appears
The left side has 6 columns, each of which can be modified. The main is the first column "Appearance [CSS]" and column 5 "Title / Encoding", please revise them according to your needs. The most important thing is Encoding, the default encoding is UTF-8, it is for English-speaking countries. You can revise it to suit your environment.
6. Back to point 4 of the window, we need to set a basic model (or called the framework). There are many complex frame mode, I think we only need a simple, practical model by way of layout in tables: I call it banner combination with three sections.
It is very simple and no need to use any program: first place the cursor in the middle position in the page window (see point 4) (Click on the top of the "Format"--> Align, and then select "Center"). Select "insert" -- > "table", insert a table with 4 rows and 1 columns, the width is 98%, border thikness is 0. Next, insert a table with 20 rows, 1 columns, the width is 98%, border thikness is 0 and insert again a table with 6 rows, 1 columns, the width is 98%, border thikness is 0, total 3 sections.
Well, final save the file (you can name it template-0000.html) to the "001-mobile" folder, at this time, a window will pop up as shown below
Click "Copy" to save the template-0000.html file, this basic page (or template) is complete. You can use this page as a general template to edit all web pages for your mobile web site, accordiong to your need to insert text, tables, pictures, a variety of links (including audio, video) and so on, then upload them to your server by way of FTP, use your domain name, through the browser you will can browse these pages with self-adaption function.
The boilerplate.css , respond.js and Untitle-1.css (See third point) are 3 important system files, they contain all the web settings (CSS and so on), you must upload them to your server. If your settings are modified, you must re-upload them in order to take effect.
Here to illustrate the role of the three sections mentioned above: first section (a table with 4 rows and 1 columns), it is reserved for the site's header, in order to insert the site logo, the main column (and link) and the search engine, etc. Here are two screenshots of my mobile site as an example ( http://morricone.cn/index-m-eng.html ). First screenshot is in the mobile phone, and second is in my PC:
You can get an intuitive feeling for the self-adaption function through the comparison of the two screenshots. It can automatically adjust the size of text, tables, and pictures etc. So that people can easily and comfortably browse in different devices.
Second section (a table with 20 rows and 1 columns) is reserved for all contents of web site. ( You also can increase the number of rows, or increase a new section under the second section if the contents is very many),here are 2 screenshots of my mobile site as an example
Third section (a table with 6 rows, 1 columns ) is reserved for the bottom of web site. It includes some of the auxiliary column of the site. Here are 1 screenshot of my mobile site as an example
Well, my introduction to this end! You can study them and own decisions about some of the details. You also use more function example CSS or framework, database....if you hope. You sould constantly observe it to use your mobile phone or PC for to get better results. You also send email to me if you need.
Finally make some further instructions:
1. Do not tie two images together in any time, you can put them separately in the upper and lower rows. The table do not exceed 3 columns, preferably two columns. Otherwise the page will be very ugly.
2. Search engines and traffic statistics are required. Please choose them according to your actual situation. And put them in your template (template-0000.html) for whole web site
3. About audio and video: The use of audio is not any problem, but it It does not support embedded video (<emded ........./emded>). But you can use the link to open the video of many video web sites in the another web page. Of course, if you have big space to upload your own video, you can use CS6 insert video function.
4. On the transformation of the old site: There are many different ways for the work. But I think It is a good idea to coexist with the new and the old site. Because the mobile web site can not be placed too much content, and mobile phones and PC will coexist for a long time. According to my practice, it is possible that new mobile website and old PC websites are stored in a folder. They can live in peace. Please open the following three links in accordance with the order, you will fully understand my settings, it is very simple and practical:
1. New home page, it use old domain name http://morricone.cn/index-eng.html   
Because it is a Chinese English bilingual website, so more complex. For Chinese web pages, it is like this:
1. New home page, it use old domain name http://morricone.cn  
2. New mobile site http://morricone.cn/index-m.html  
3. Old PC site http://morricone.cn/index-pc.htm  
The End
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