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The English mobile site (test) has been opened (July 20,2008)
For the sake of meet worldwide friends' request, we have tried to establish an English mobile site (WAP), it is to be automatic transformed by a software platform from our WEB site into the WAP site. It keeps all text content and main downloaded function (Mp3 and Wma). If your mobile phone support the WMA format, you can download all WMA music there (is about more 300 sets or 5000 music of Morricone)
There are two ways to entry the English home page:
1.First entry in your mobile to open Chinee home page, selected "Entry ENGLISH WAP pages"(in bottom). See below image (Simulated page)
Chinese WAP home page
Entry English home page
Chinese WAP home page
Entry English home page
2. Here is its address (Sorry too long!). Perhaps you will try to write it in your mobile phone.
You can click here for preview it in the IE browser. Below are several simple pages
Entry ENGLISH WAP pages"
Entry ENGLISH WAP pages"
Entry ENGLISH WAP pages"
Entry ENGLISH WAP pages"
Welcome your visit to our mobile site
If you have any problem or suggest, please send E-mail to us
July 20,2008
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The old chronology edited in 2009
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All updated webpage for 10 years
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About"Chi Mai"
A study on Morricone 2002-2010 six concerts in Europe,USA and Asia
The formal 20 sheets music of "The legend of 1900"
A exchange page for friends of requesting score music
Friends who are practicing piano
The webmaster's talk
Morricone news in China
About mobile WAP site
Morricone's MIDI music and download of its ring for your mobile
The important web sites of Morricone's work in the world
BBC-HVF A interview to Morricone
Ennio Morricone 2009 Beijing concert
Ennio Morricone 2010 Shanghai EXPO concert
Allonsanfan research
La Califfa research
Death rides a horse research
Metello research
Morricone's 100 famous music
Visiting Imola again after 13 years
Sacco e Vanzetti research
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