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A catalogue of free resources of Morricone's works in the whole world-006
A resource list of rare movies with Morricone's music and well known by Chinese
A explanation
1. The resources listed in this page need a eMule (e Donkey) software, you can enter here to download and study it--01, 02, 03, 04
2.The resources listed in this paged are some rare movies with morriocne's music and well known by Chinese, those familiar movies are without at present
3. The movies with Morricone's music are very many. The translated name in every countries is different. So the result of search have quite number of error. We have made elaborate choice, but the mistake still is possible. If you find any error, please inform us by E-mail so that revise
4. Most movies is without subtitle. (We have put in the subtitle files as possible, see gray parts in the list). If you need more subtitles, please looking for them in special web sites, example 01, 02, 03, 04, 05
5. The eMule's resources is with more timeliness and uncertainly. So maybe you need newest search results in the search engine of the eMule software or other for best downloading
6. We will ceaseless makeup new resources according the chronological catalogue in the list later
eMule 文件名
No. in Chro.
Name and link
Chinese name
File's name of eMule
Size and format
Link of eMule
Dimenticare Palermo/The Palermo Connection /To Forget Palermo
DIMENTICARE PALERMO ? [Mafia 1989] di Francesco         Rosi [DivX-ITA].avi
705.52M AVI
Dimenticare Palermo - (J Belushi).avi
705.52M AVI
Stanno tutti bene/Everybody's Fine
[Divx-ITA] Stanno Tutti Bene (Drammatico, Italia,     Giuseppe Tornatore, 1990).avi
880.55M AVI
Heimat 3-Cd 4 Di 6-Stanno Tutti Bene Dvdrip(Sim).avi
933.12M AVI
[DivX ITA] Stanno tutti bene (Tornatore 1990).avi
880.55M AVI
Stanno Tutti Bene (Drammatico, Italia, Giuseppe     Tornatore, 1990).avi
880.55M AVI
State of Grace
5343 - Full - Joan Of Arcadia (1x14) State Grace        AC3 WS DVDRip XviD - FoV.rar
402.97M RAR
Joan Of Arcadia s01e14 State Of Grace Hdtv Xvid-Lol.avi
350.28M AVI
698.47M AVI
Tempo di uccidere
Tempo di uccidere.avi
696.39M AVI
[DivX-Ita] Tempo.Di.Uccidere.(1989).(Vittorio Amandola,   Nicolas Cage, G. Giannini).CD1.DvDrip.By.Cortez[TOP].avi
696.44M AVI
[DivX-Ita] Tempo.Di.Uccidere.(1989).(Vittorio Amandola,   Nicolas Cage, G. Giannini).CD2.DvDrip.By.Cortez[TOP].avi
698.98M AVI
[ DivX - ITA] - Il Mandolino Del Capitano Corelli -    romanzo tempo di uccidere [ Nicolas Cage].avi
695.51M AVI
Career Opportunities/One Wild Night
Career Opportunities - Jennifer Connelly-.avi
698.08M AVI
Lucky Luke
Lucky Luke French (Terence Hill).avi
698.01M AVI
Los Dalton Contra Lucky Luke (DVDRip Spanish XviD 1.0.3)(SEDG).avi
699.98M AVI
Lucky.Luke.-.Ballada.O.Daltonach.[]. [dominj].(
695.03M AVI[].[dominj].   (
644.13M AVI
City of Joy
欢乐之城/欢喜城  .Dual.(Spanish.VhsRip.mp3)+(Eng.mp3).by.Dentista. [[NimTeAm]].avi
1.36G AVI
1.36G AVI
Beyond Justice/The Bodyguards/The Escort
[ DIVX ITA] la scorta (claudio amendola).avi
507.52M AVI
La Scorta (Con Ricky Memphis, Claudio Amendola, Tony Sperandeo) - Sat Rip - By Jkz.avi
700.25M AVI
Gli Angeli Di Borsellino - La Scorta.avi
698.61M AVI
A Una Pura formalit/My Summer Story
Murder.She.Wrote.4x06.It.Runs.In.The.Family. DVDRip.[].avi
468.26M AVI
04x06 (072) - Caratteristica di famiglia (It runs in the family)-La signora in giallo RAI1 Satrip by PPT.avi
493.31M AVI
Sostiene Pereira/According to Pereira
Faenza - Sostiene Pereira - 1995 - (Mastroianni) - [DivX-Ita].avi
688.44M AVI
Sostiene Pereira.avi
695.20M AVI
[DivX - ITA-CULT] - Marcello Mastroianni - Sostiene Pereira (1995) (Dvdrip).avi.avi
682.05M AVI
[DivX - ITA] Sostiene Pereira (Faenza Roberto,1995).avi
950.51M AVI
Sostiene Pereira - (R.Faenza 1995) {DvrRip by Vignoni}.avi
950.51M AVI
La Lupa/Sansone e Dalila (TV)
1996 - La Lupa (Monica Guerritore, Giancarlo Giannini, Raul Bova, Michele Placido).avi
686.34M AVI
La Lupa ( Monica Guerritore-Giancarlo Giannini-Raul Bova-Michele Placido).avi
696.16M AVI
La Lupa ( Monica Guerritore-Giancarlo Giannini-Raul Bova-Michele Placido).avi
696.16M AVI
[DivX Ita] La Lupa ( Monica Guerritore-Giancarlo Giannini-Raul Bova-Michele Placido).avi
696.16M AVI
1998 - Bulworth (De Warren Beatty) (Warren Beatty, Paul Sorvino, Halle Berry, Oliver Platt, Sean Astin) Dvdrip Fr (Yoda).avi
697.48M AVI
Bulworth 1998 Proper Dvdrip Xvid-Ddx.avi
701.50M AVI
Warren Beatty - Bulworth Il Senatore (Halle Berry 1998 Dvdrip).avi
696.29M AVI
Bulworth (1998) DVDrip CD1.avi
698.81M AVI
698.84M AVI
122.36K SRT
96.25K SRT
Bulworth Divx Dvdrip
91.83K SRT
bulworth ddx eng
169.64K SRT
I Guardiani del cielo (TV)/The Sands of Time(TV) (USA)/Tower of the Firstborn
Tower of the firstborn French DVDRip XVID-STS-SaTaN.avi
696.06M AVI
Election (song "Navajo Joe Main Title")
风流教师霹雳妹/ 选举/
[DivX - Ita] Election - Alexander Payne - 1999.avi
699.80M AVI
The Big Tease (song "Hurry to Me")
The Big Tease (1999) - [DVD rip] - 576x320 - XviD - mp3 - [LGBT].avi
699.80M AVI
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