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A catalogue of free resources of Morricone's works in the whole world-004
A resource list of rare movies with Morricone's music and well known by Chinese
A explanation
1. The resources listed in this page need a eMule (e Donkey) software, you can enter here to download and study it--01, 02, 03, 04
2.The resources listed in this paged are some rare movies with morriocne's music and well known by Chinese, those familiar movies are without at present
3. The movies with Morricone's music are very many. The translated name in every countries is different. So the result of search have quite number of error. We have made elaborate choice, but the mistake still is possible. If you find any error, please inform us by E-mail so that revise
4. Most movies is without subtitle. (We have put in the subtitle files as possible, see gray parts in the list). If you need more subtitles, please looking for them in special web sites, example 01, 02, 03, 04, 05
5. The eMule's resources is with more timeliness and uncertainly. So maybe you need newest search results in the search engine of the eMule software or other for best downloading
6. We will ceaseless makeup new resources according the chronological catalogue in the list later
No. in Chro.
Name and link
Chinese name
File's name of eMule
Size and format
Link of eMule
L'Eredit Ferramonti/The Inheritance
L'eredità.Ferramonti.(L'.Heritage).1976. Mauro.Bolognini.-.Dominique.Sanda,. Anthony.Quinn.Ita.sub.French.avi
700.64M AVI
896.09M AVI
Todo modo
699.86M MPG
Petri Elio-Todo Modo.[ITA - 1976].( Volont__, Mastroianni)(LQ).avi
913.47M AVI
[SF] - Todo Modo.MPG
699.86M MPG
Autostop rosso sangue
Autostop.Rosso.Sangue.Uncut.(P.F.Campanile.1977. Franco.Nero.Corinne.Clery.David.Hess)
700.40M AVI
Pasquale Festa Campanile - Autostop rosso sangue - Hitch Hike (1977).avi
700.87M AVI
[Divx-Eng] The Hitch-Hike - Autostop rosso sangue - Con Franco Nero.1978 - COLLEZIONE PERSONALE MAZZO.avi
700.87M AVI
(DIVX-ITA) Autostop rosso sangue by Docty.avi
700.25M AVI
Cosi come sei/stay the way as you are
Cosi Come Sei 1978 (Nastassja Kinski, Marcello Mastroianni, Barbara De Rossi, Ania Pieroni).avi
698.51M AVI
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