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A catalogue of free resources of Morricone's works in the whole world-002
A resource list of rare movies with Morricone's music and well known by Chinese
A explanation
1. The resources listed in this page need a eMule (e Donkey) software, you can enter here to download and study it--01, 02, 03, 04
2.The resources listed in this paged are some rare movies with morriocne's music and well known by Chinese, those familiar movies are without at present
3. The movies with Morricone's music are very many. The translated name in every countries is different. So the result of search have quite number of error. We have made elaborate choice, but the mistake still is possible. If you find any error, please inform us by E-mail so that revise
4. Most movies is without subtitle. (We have put in the subtitle files as possible, see gray parts in the list). If you need more subtitles, please looking for them in special web sites, example 01, 02, 03, 04, 05
5. The eMule's resources is with more timeliness and uncertainly. So maybe you need newest search results in the search engine of the eMule software or other for best downloading
6. We will ceaseless makeup new resources according the chronological catalogue in the list later
No. in Chro.
Name and link
Chinese name
File's name of eMule
Size and format
Link of eMule
Il Federale
Il Federale (1961 - Di Salce Con Tognazzi,    Tedeschi, Agus, Sandrelli).avi
637.73M AVI
Il Federale.(Luciano Salce.1961).         DVDRip Ital.Nd2.avi
960.94M AVI
[DivX ITA] Il Federale (L. Salce,           U. Tognazzi, 1961).mpg
1004M MPG
[DivX - ITA] [Classici] Ugo Tognazzi -        Il Federale - 1961.avi
637.73M AVI
xxx Il Federale.(Luciano Salce.1961).avi
964.94M AVI
Ugo Tognazzi - Il Federale.avi
964.94M AVI
La Voglia matta/Crazy Desire
La Voglia Matta.avi
853.38M AVI
Catherine Spaak - La Voglia Matta          (1962 Sub).avi
657.32M AVI
La voglia matta - 1962 (Ugo Tognazzi).avi
980M AVI
I Pugni in tasca/Fists in the Pocket
Marco Bellocchio - I Pugni in Tasca      (1965).avi
876.75M AVI
Marco Bellocchio - I Pugni In Tasca        [1965 ITA].avi
699.36M AVI
I Pugni in tasca di Marco Bellocchio.avi
876.75M AVI
Marco Bellocchio - 1965 - I pugni in tasca     ITA 1.avi
687.05M AVI
I Pugni In Tasca (Bellocchio - 1965).avi
699.36M AVI
La Resa dei conti/The Big Gundown
The O.C. 3x01 - 3x02 - La resa dei conti       - Nuove prospettive.avi
614.07M AVI
The O.C. 3x01 - La resa dei conti (ITA - med_premium).avi
366.23M AVI
One.Tree.Hill.2x14.La.Resa.Dei.Conti.  ITA.SatRip  .XviD-NovaRip.avi
351.14M AVI
6x26 -Distretto di Polizia -            La resa dei conti    - by moll.avi
349.89M AVI
La Resa Dei Conti (The Big Gundown, 1966)       By Klepper.avi
694.38M AVI
La Bataille de San Sebastian
Western - La bataille de San Sébastian -     DivX - Fr.avi
790.6M AVI
Gli Intoccabili/Machine Gun McCain
Gli Intoccabili.avi
715.9M AVI
Gli Intoccabili - cd 1.avi
702.05M AVI
Gli Intoccabili - cd 2.avi
700.46M AVI
[DivX - ITA] Gli Intoccabili.AVI
675.46M AVI
Gli intoccabili.avi
718.97M AVI
Partner/Il Sosia
Bertolucci Bernardo - Partner (1968).avi
699.84M AVI
Stefania Sandrelli (1968 22) - Partner     (Bernardo Bertolucci)[DVD 544x224 DivX511]★.avi
696.75M AVI
Bernardo Bertolucci - Partner (Tina Aumont- Stefania Sandrelli - 1968) (HQ).avi
699.84M AVI
Il Mercenario/The Mercenary/
A Professional Gun/
Revenge of a Gunfighter
Western - Il Mercenario (con Franco Nero       - 1968) - [Dvix - ITA. HQ].avi
1.34G AVI
Il Grande silenzio/The Big Silence/
The Great Silence
DIVX-ITA-Il grande silenzio.avi
698.21MB AVI
Il Grande Silenzio (Ita)Western            S Corbucci 1967.avi
700.79M AVI
Un Bellissimo novembre/That Splendid November
un bellissimo novembre.avi
772.97M AVI
Un Bellissimo Novembre - Gina      Lollobrigida.avi
574.42M AVI
Un Tranquillo posto di campagna/A Quiet Place in the Country
Rita Calderoni - Ita - Elio Petri -         Un Tranquillo Posto Di Campagna.avi
669.93M AVI
[DivX - Ita] Queimada.avi
694.52M AVI
Ita - Queimada - Di Gillo Pontecorvo        Con Un Marlon Brando Strepitoso.avi
692.23M AVI
Queimada (G Pontecorvo, 1968 - Marlon Brando,        Evaristo Marques) - Vo Eng St Fr.avi
701.36M AVI
Queimada.1969.Burn.Marlon.Brando.DVDRip.  Dual.SPA&
72.39K SRT
>>>> SUB
Queimada.1969.Burn.Marlon.Brando.DVDRip. Dual.SPA&
70.93K SRT
>>>> SUB
70.69K SRT
>>>> SUB
Gillo Pontecorvo - Queimada (1969) DvdRip XviD       Mp3 Dual Spa-Eng by
70.48K SRT
>>>> SUB
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