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The simple LOG report of the web site (Every months)
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1. The brief analytical files of the log of the web site will be published month by month from November 2004 so that you can understand the case of the site more. The music in the visited files can be directly download (Click right and select "Save as....")
2. The original files are very big. They have been simplified. Only 5 items -- general.html, access.html(top 300 and total number), top30.html, countries.html, cities.html-- were reserved.
3.A few notes:
access.html--the visited and downloaded files (top 300)
Hits: the click number.
Bandwidth: the occupied bandwidth by visit or download. If a file is 4M, its bandwidth is 600M, so it was downloaded about 150 times
downloaded files (top 300)
the visitor's countries
the visitor's cities
Top 30 for download
November 2004
November 1-30
December 2004
December 1-31
January 2005
January 1-31
February 2005
February 1-28
Note: The 2 hosts ( and have started to use from April 2005 for the web site. Two log files be created in meantime in the two hosts. In order to convenient to look and directly download here, the two log files will be shown here in meantime
April 2005
April 1-30
April 2005
April 1-30
May 2005
May 1-31
May 2005
May 1-31
Note: According request of ICP register of web site and National rule about protecting copyright, the downloaded method in the site has been adjusted. So the log column has been stopped from June 2005 yet.
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