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Warmly congratulate to proclaim the founding of "China Ennio Morricone Fans Association" in Beijing on may 24,2009
热烈祝贺"中国Ennio Morricone音乐爱好者联谊会" 2009.5.24日在北京宣告成立热烈祝贺"中国Ennio Morricone音乐爱好者联谊会" 2009.5.24日在北京宣告成立热烈祝贺"中国Ennio Morricone音乐爱好者联谊会" 2009.5.24日在北京宣告成立热烈祝贺"中国Ennio Morricone音乐爱好者联谊会" 2009.5.24日在北京宣告成立热烈祝贺"中国Ennio Morricone音乐爱好者联谊会" 2009.5.24日在北京宣告成立热烈祝贺"中国Ennio Morricone音乐爱好者联谊会" 2009.5.24日在北京宣告成立热烈祝贺"中国Ennio Morricone音乐爱好者联谊会" 2009.5.24日在北京宣告成立热烈祝贺"中国Ennio Morricone音乐爱好者联谊会" 2009.5.24日在北京宣告成立
A special column of the trustee of China Morricone Fans Association
A special page of Baohuaying
Baohuaying's info

Introduction: Bao Huaying (Ms.), graduated from Beijing Foreign Studies University as Master in English Language and Literature in 2006, since when have been working in the same university. Big fan of music with no professional research on it though. Listen to all kinds of music. Any good music, whatever sounds good, or touches my heart, will be carefully cherished.
My Blog article:Morricone's Wonderland
Italy conquered me. I can't look down on this country anymore in anyway. Actually I turned to be respecting and admiring and longing for this country. I have to say I fall in love with it. Morricone, Zucherro, Porcheli…Italy cultivates the music masters, truly great masters of contemporary music that no other countries can have and it produces the most beautiful and touching and magic music that other nations' can never compare with.
Morricone creates countless music scores for too many great movies. Morricone's music brings me to a wonderland, a realm of sensation, of emotion, of imagination, of raylights that spray into your own inside heart. It makes you think and feel. It helps you calm down; it makes you hilarious; it leads you into slight sadness;it reads stories to you; it even drives you into meditation. In Moricone's music, I am Alice in the Wonderland, finding all the time the surprises and the unknowns.
I love Italian music. I appreciate the masters. They lead us to a new wonderland which enriches our spiritual kingdom other than this worldly domain.
Italian music tells that life is so beautiful!
Selection from Blog (By our site)
A desolation and beauteous song (Jan.10,2009)

By the Cathedral
Karen Ann

I will remember, darling
I've been
Mellow and tender
I've seen water
By the cathedral
Under the maple
It was in April
You wore a raincoat
By the cathedral
I wasn't able,
I was unable

You will forgive me darling
You will believe that I've seen thunder
By the cathedral
Under the maple
It was in April
You wore a raincoat
By the cathedral
I wasn't able,
I was unable

I will remember, darling
I've been
Mellow and tender
I've seen water
By the cathedral
I've seen thunder
But I was unable

Here Comes the Party Season
Here comes the party season again as in the shift period between the end of the old and the coming New Year. A lot of activites have been piled on my calender schedule. They are:

Dec. 5-Finland Independance Day, Finland Embassy;

Dec. 8-(today)- 24th Saarc Charter Day Celebration, Beijing Marriot Hotel;

Dec 11 - EU New Year Eve, EU Delegation Residence;

Auckland University New Year Reception, Guibin Hotel;

Dec. 13- Japanese Sado Show, Japanese Research Center;

Dec. 15 – European Film Festival Show, French Cultural Center.

And more…

It is like watching the world at the standpoint of where you are. The world is full of varieties and dynamics and that’s why our life is wonderful and meaningful.

To Good Boy (Nov.7,2008)

i have no words to say, good boy. you are clever in some sense by what you said. But for me i'm not happy by the very success of Obamma, but amazed by your democratic and electoral system. Maybe you are right- every country has its own way. Every system has its own delicacies and powerness. You have more broader vision than me coz you may have comparison. For me i support Obama not because he's balack at all, but because his personality and showing capability. But it is all in election show which i am very clear about. I m not 100% sure about Obama,on the other hand, i don't like McCain either. So let's see ... I hope we will not be tricked.
Crazy oct. 15 survived (Oct.15,2008)
Oct. 15th is kind of a rock on my heart for a couple of days. on this day we will be having 5 foreign affairs "occuring' or happenging whatever. And i am most responsible for the two biggest fussy two delegations.From the early morning in the office i began to be engaged by the rignt-before preparations. And then in 10:30 the minster delegation coming. then meeting with our authority, visitng different schools , having lunch with another senior authority. And I - receiving calls, coordinatin affairs, doing interpretation, paying fees for all the expenses... then farwelling to the delgation, we received another delegation in the afternoon from ireland, a what coke university college, it was the president. then i accompanied the authority, doing interpretation, accompanying at dinner all through till 8:30 at night. and ---- that is not all yet. then i came back to office, writing report for the activities so as to pulicize it in time tomorrow.
and finally i got to refused a invitaion from a friend in the evening for some coffee thing.

I am exhauseted. My neck begins to pain.
Eagles Desperado (Aug.2,2008)

desperado, why don't you come to your senses?
you been out ridin' fences for so long now
oh, you're a hard one
i know that you got your reasons
these things that are pleasin' you
can hurt you somehow

don' you draw the queen of diamonds, boy
she'll beat you if she's able
you know the queen of heats is always your best bet
now it seems to me, some fine things
have been laid upon your table
but you only want the ones that you can't get

desperado, oh, you ain't gettin' no youger
your pain and your hunger, they're drivin' you home
and freedom, oh freedom well, that's just some people talkin'
your prison is walking through this world all alone

don't your feet get cold in the winter time?
the sky won't snow and the sun won't shine
it's hard to tell the night time from the day
you're loosin' all your highs and lows
ain't it funny how the feeling goes away?

desperado, why don't you come to your senses?
come down from your fences, open the gate
it may be rainin', but there's a rainbow above you
you better let somebody love you,
before it's too late

Kate Bush (June 12,2008)
Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush was a Big Surprise to me when I heard first time. And this time after almost one year it still sounds awesome. Yes still super!

Kate Bush with her songs for me is sort of a rebellion against mainstream Western pop songs. For me Kate is a wonderlady. She has uncommon high pitch voice; she sings beautiful songs with touching and deep words; her face and dress are seemingly oriental; and her stage performance is fantastically unique. For one thing Kate gives me the fantacy of being Oriental. But when you listen into her songs you have to unwillingly admit yes she’s European.

Kate is a mixture. She ‘s not only Western; she also belongs to us…

Words for Ted (June 5,2008)

No Ted. I haven't finished the transfer of SA pics into my space. and i can't now because of web space limit. SA pics in my space now is only a tiny part of that in my camera. So SA pics to be continued... Of course Moroccan and Tunisian pics are also great! The world is so different!21:40 | 添加评论 | 固定链接 | 写入日志the most fancy hotel I've ever stayed in
The most fancy hotel I've ever stayed in is not in Western Europe nor in China. It is Courtyard Hotel in South Africa. The mos fancy hotel is not like a big mansion. like Hiton. It is hotels like Courtyard in the form of a European farm with flat villas. It is a Holland style tranquil yard. Chairman Yang even lived in a two-storey wooden villa. SO COOL! And in your wooden villa you;ve got everthing in it even pots, spoons , knives and folks and plates and bowls of diffrent kinds with very high quality, something like bread-making machine- all kinds of kitchen facilities. You have comforatble bathroom with steady warm water. You watch English TV chanels not like the strange language programs in other countries; You even hear SA radion stations in the room with beautiful African or Western style music! Everything is awsome.
South Africa, one of the most fancy places in the world!!
The myth of Africa (June 3,2009)
Tour to Africa tumbled down the steroetype of Africa in my mind like most peole imagine. Africa is not all black. Africa has Arab culture, Africa has strong European imprint; Africa is not all poverty. Africa has high material development, Africa has huge abundant resources. In Morocco and Tunisia you see great Mosques as well as pretty European houses everywhere. You see beautiful men and women, kids and elder like European or Arab or whatever the mix. In South Africa You get local highly-ranked gem and diamand, you have cheap original ALOE, you have awewome ocean and beach along side Atlantic and Indian Oceans, you have villas in the hills facing the ocean.You talk to White or Black South Africans with fluent native like English and decent dressing and behavior and Western ways of thinking, totally like middle-class Western Eurpeans and Americans.But on the other side you also see clusters of humble cabins where poor black people live.You will know the real meaning of colonialism and capitalism when you go to SA. It seems you have everything in Africa.
(April 18,2008)

a song to share at this time
imagine there is no heaven
it is easy if you try
no hell below us
above us only sky
imagine all the people
living for today

imagine there is no cuntries
it is not hard to do
nothing to kill or die for
and no religion too
imagine all the people
living life in peace

imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
no need for greed or hunger
a brotherhood of man
imagine all the people
sharing all the world

you may say I am a dreamer
but I am not the only one
I hope someday you will join us
and the world will be as one

God bless me
Going to Africa- Morocco, Tunesia and South Africa. Sounds great and hope it to be great, but still have great pressure. Incredible long time stay in the air, even a couple of flights all through night. you have to be tough- long time endurance in the plane without enough air, long time transfer from one place to another by bus, long time exposure under African strong sunshine and have to be first time transferred from the northern half globe to the opposite........ really a tough trip. And you and i can just look forward to finding a thin dark-skinned "African girl" when i come back.
I hope I can survive though heavily worried now. God bless

MORE THAN A SCANDAL (March 4,2008)
FINALLY KNOW THE EFFECT OF A LOVE AFFAIR IN THE ENTERTAIMENT CIRCLE. the noisy big scandal of sex pictures of Edison Chan directs me to his works which i never paid attention to before. Just saw some images of Edison in ad or some singing party and had a rough idea about this handsome guy. And this time the scandal roused my huge interest on Edison- begin to see his MV, get to know his own company which is cool, and knowing his growing up experience whatever it's true or false. And the result is I find I love his songs and his style. so you see Without the affair, i would not have known him better. And as for this scandal , just as my colleague said, it's none of everybody's business! The only one who should be blamed is the guy who publicize those pics into the internet, and that effctively did harm to our society, esp. the young people.
In a word, i just wanna say that I get to know an entertainer bedcause of this big scandal and this guy's works i find out is pretty cool.
Recommendation of Edison's MV: "Bad Boy's Sky"
Brooke Shields and the Blue Lagoon (Jan 28,2008)
Still remember the American movie beauty that tumbled the world Brooke Shields? This time I finally got her in the famous Blue Lagoon. That tells the story of Adam and Eve but in a worldly version; in another sense it is also an American pioneer story-found oneself cast in an isle and try to make it in living on it, passing millions of difficulties, horrors,even death. Totally DIY life and a pure sense wild and natrual life,cut off from civilization. See what man and woman will be like put in a 100% natrual sense.amazed and Have to show respect to the American film industry men. Even in 80s they made such wonderful movie to us.

P. S. Brooke shocked me more with her face and body than her perfomance while Richard vise versa. I like Paddy the baby.

If you got tired of metropolitan life and felt enough of modern civilization, try Blue Lagoon. And you will be touched.

(Jan 27,2008)
the shawshenk reduption
made me break into tears twice, almost fell in love with Andy. Like the lines below:

-Fear can hold you prisoner, hope can set you free. A strong man can save himself, a great man can save another.

-Some birds aren't meant to be caged, that's all. Their feathers are just too bright...---(That's for Andy!!)

-I find I'm so excited. I can barely sit still or hold a thought in my head. I think it the excitement only a free man can feel, a free man at the start of a long journey whose conclusion is uncertain. I hope I can make it across the border. I hope to see my friend, and shake his hand. I hope the Pacific is as blue as it has been in my dreams. I hope.

MARIJUANA (Nov.27,2008)
Find a very interesting thing, so interesting that I have to write it down in my space. After I returned from Europe, every single foreigner that has been told I have been in Holland asked me a same question, “Have you tried Marijuana?” Ted, Stephane, Baud all asked me about this They asked me in such a unanimous way so that I asked back “why Holland?’, and the answer is “because it’s legal there”. Of course I didn’t because I even didn’t thought about this issue; because I am a Chinese young person that we don’t have this Marijuana culture. But I am looking forward to Marijuana. I heard that after you take it the sound around you can be magnified something. I know that’s the feeling of taking drugs. My friend even showed me the picture of it, it doesn’t look nice though. But anyway I wanna sort of try it someday. Life should be colorful, isn’t‘ it.
American Journey 2 (Sep.11,2008)
Today are two of my favorite American female singers: Whiney Houston and Tina Turner.

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston was born in Newark, New Jersey. She is the daughter of Cissy Houston. Whitney started singing with a gospel choir when she was 11. She was a gospel singer and performs backup for Rhythm & Blues singers Chaka Khan and Lou Rawls. Whitney is a professional singer and acted in two small roles on television. In 1985 she made her first album, WhitneyHouston, it went to number one on the popular Billboard music charts. The song "Saving all my love for you" earned her her first Grammy award (1986). Her second album was in 1987, she won a second Grammy award (1988) for a song "I wanna dance with somebody" (who loves me). Whitney is married to famous Rap/R&B singer Bobbie Brown.

Tina Turner
Tina was born Anna Mae Bullock on November 26, 1939 in Brownsville, Tennessee. She began singing as a teenager and joined Ike Turner at the age of 18. They married in 1958 and she became Tina Turner. In the 1960s and 1970s she was one of the top R&B singers in country! Her most famous song is probably Proud Mary. Tina and Ike divorced and she took off on a solo career. In 1984 her single, What's Love Got to Do With It, became one of the year's biggest hits, For three weeks it was number one on the charts.

In 1985 she had a starring role in Mad Max: Beyond the Thunderdome with Mel Gibson. Tina sang the movie’s hit theme song, We Don't Need Another Hero.

Tina’s amazing voice still touches people;

We Are What We Eat
“Show me what you eat, then I can tell who you are”. This is the most interesting idea in the Swiss Food Festival.

And think about it, we are what we eat in some sense. The kind of food you prefer, your eating habit, your attitude towards food, etc. may predict your character in some way. It’s like the popular way of predicting one’s character with the sign in the sky nowadays or the traditional way of 12 animals of the year. All these are myths in predicting one’s character or even fate. But to be frank, I ‘m strongly suspicious about any of the above. Man are the most mysterious and complicated being in the universe. nothing in this world is definite in defining “us”.

By the way the so-called Swiss Cuisine Festival is nothing and even bad for us Chinese who are enjoying the most delicious and complicated food in this world. Chinese are just too much spoiled by our food so that we can hardly find a real place for us anywhere else in the world. And, that’s too bad!!!
take the initial step
since i have branded myself as sort of "fan of America ", I 'd like begin my jouney of pursuit of my idol like those fans of some big stars.

today is the first step;

A selection of photo in the Blog (By our site More)
2009 winter vacation
South Asian
With Japanese girl Nogi Asami
African Trip - Casablanca,Rabat and Fez in Morocco   摩洛哥
Gent, Belgium
Munich Germany
huaying SkyDrive Paris
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